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J. van VLIET Balkan
Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Having exported flowers and plants to Central Europe for a period of over 15 years, and with its ever increasing popularity, Van VLIET Flower Group added yet another division called J.van VLIET Balkan.

This division, specializes in export to South eastern Europe more commonly known as the Balkan peninsula. We have great connections within that area ranging from salesmen all the way through to executives who represent us. Our department currently hosts a force of twenty workmen who put their hearts and souls into providing the utter best quality and price that one would expect from a competitive company as ours.

Our flowers and plants are all quality checked before they leave us, therefore minimizing the chances of any disappointments to virtually, nothing. Moreover our transport department is well equipped with all the necessities which are required for this trade. So you can rest assure your flowers and plants are in good hands. 




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